The Dictatorship of Double Standards

At PJ Media, I go after the enemies of free speech and their relentless hypocrisy:

Let the record show that when a death squad descended on Pamela Geller’s event in Texas with the aim of killing Geller for speaking freely, the “mainstream” response was to provide the death squad with golden parachutes of sophistry and moral equivalence. It was the finest of East Coast intellectual output.


In the identity-politics framework, double standards are necessary and justified. They are a way of balancing the unequal power distribution in the United States. (Trust me that I hate writing sentences with phrases like that.) Just as affirmative action is supposed to correct structural injustice in the economy, gagging people is necessary to stop the “oppression” of designated victim groups. Think of the new obsession with “trigger warnings” and “safe places” on university campuses. This crowd sees free speech as one more tool of power in the Oppressor’s handy box.

Is Twitter Past Its Prime? I Hope So.

At PJ Media, I pray aloud for the descent of Twitter:

The tendency toward cruelty and abuse, what I like to call “Internet-induced psychopathy,” is a function of several things. One is that the increasingly totalitarian nature of “social” media forces people to become witch-hunters. Since the masses have proved that they can use “social” media to destroy lives, people are always on the offensive to throw the mob’s attention away from themselves and onto other people. Hence the ceaseless accusations of “racism,” “sexism,” etc.: people are constantly trying to “prove” themselves worthy of acceptance into Polite Society so that they won’t be cast off into the hinterlands.



It’s Useless To Argue With People Who Support Looting And Riots…

Their belief system, tarted up with sophisticated jargon, is based on crude and unfalsifiable bigotry. From me in PJ Media:

This thinking sees oppression not as something that individuals do, but as a systemic process, as intricate and efficient and predictable as a Swiss watch. In this view, Person A does not oppress Person B. Rather, “society” is structured in such a way as to make any action by Person A oppressive by definition to Person B. Person B is not oppressed by a man, but by The Man.

This is a very dangerous kind of thinking. One effect is to obliterate the importance of individual characteristics. When you shift the locus of responsibility from individuals to “society,” personal morality no longer matters. If Person A works hard, obeys the law, and treats his fellow man kindly and respectfully, he is still an oppressor because of his place in The System. And if Person B robs and kills someone, he can never really be at fault, since his place in The System compels him to do what he does. Worse, if Person B works hard and obeys the law, he is a collaborator. Virtue becomes criminality; criminality becomes virtue.



How Long Will The United States Last?

At PJ Media, I say what everyone is thinking:

Every week this country is consumed in a new distended orgy of polarized, mutual hatred, set against the backdrop of outrage mobs, race riots, shuttered businesses, scandals, Twitter-induced career ruination, gleeful smear parties, and partisan hackery.

Admit it: You’ve asked yourself where America is going, and how long it can survive the trip. Admit it.

Larger forces are at work here, and it seems to me that a dispassionate assessment of the United States in 2015 must include the possibility of a major rupture in our social and political order within ten years. Probably less.