Trojan Donkey


I have written the cover story for the October 21 issue of The Catholic Herald. My piece concerns the controversial pilfered emails from John Podesta, released by Wikileaks, that point to Democratic activists’ use of certain Catholic groups to influence the U.S. Church.

Here’s a taste:

It’s hardly surprising that liberal activists would create organisations devoted to left-wing goals. But these comments should open up fresh debate about the use of religious groups for political ends – and the often close relationship between a small circle of powerful Democrats and liberal Catholic groups.

And another:

Still, the organisation’s closer relationship to the Democratic Party in its early years is undeniable. The group’s first chair was Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, an important Democratic Party fundraiser; her late husband, the tobacco heir Smith Bagley, was an influential figure in Democratic politics as a donor, fundraiser and strategist. He was also president of the Arca Foundation, a left-wing charity opposed to many aspects of traditional Catholic teaching. In 2006, Arca had the same address as CACG.

Oh, why not? Here’s some more:

There’s nothing illegal about any of these connections or donations. But they reveal the influence Soros and a small circle of donors have over smaller progressive groups.

They also reveal how readily the Catholic Left takes money from secularist groups and individuals like Soros, an atheist whose only possible interest in religion is political expediency.

Read the whole thing here.

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