Month: January 2016

Cyber Criminals Are Always Evolving. Can We Evolve With Them?

Since we conduct so much sensitive personal and business affairs on electronic devices, we are all ripe targets for cyber thugs. Strategic Risk, an excellent risk management and corporate intelligence publication based in Britain, has put out an informative update on cyber risks.

I thought I’d mention it, since cybercrime and related threats like cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism have grown significantly and yet receive, at least in my humble estimation, very little media coverage and analysis. During, say, the 1970s, hearing that the Soviets had managed to steal every personnel file of every employee of the U.S. federal government would have dominated the American psyche for months. When essentially the same thing occurred this year — Chinese hackers, very possibly linked to Beijing, pilfered the entirety of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s file archive — no one beyond foreign-affairs journalists and specialist bloggers seemed to care or even notice. (more…)