My Brother Has Brain Cancer. Please Consider Donating To Him and His Family.

In November 2014, my older brother, Matt, was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the great white shark of cancers. It is a form of brain cancer that most people don’t survive. I will spare you more details, which I find difficult to write knowing that they apply to my own flesh and blood.

Nevertheless, I’m amazed at how well my brother’s doing. After two brain surgeries and other treatments, he is quite strong, and you would never know anything was wrong by looking at him. Still, my brother has three small children, and under the circumstances every bit of financial help is a windfall.

Please consider donating to him and his family. You can do so either by clicking here or by pasting this link into your web browser:

Even if you are not able to donate, it would be just as helpful if you could spread the word about this page by telling your own family and friends, sharing it on Facebook, or tweeting it.

Thank you all. Merry Christmas!

UPDATE, 25 April 2016: For about a month, the links above were dead as the donation website was restructured. I have updated the links and everything should work.

UPDATE, 16 August 2016: Sadly, my brother succumbed to his disease on August 12, dying as he lay surrounded by family and friends. I urge you to donate nevertheless, as he leaves behind three small children.

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