I Am Proud to Join ‘The Catholic Herald,’ A Great Magazine

I am proud to have recently joined The Catholic Herald, a British magazine with offices in London, as a New York-based correspondent writing about international affairs. For most of its 127-year history, the Herald was a broadsheet newspaper; late last year, it converted to a high-quality weekly magazine, with an elegant design and excellent cover art.

Along with their switch to magazine format and a revamped website, the Herald continues its innovation with a new app that allows users to read whole issues conveniently on their mobile devices. I urge everyone to try it: the magazine is offering a trial for December that gives you four free electronic issues (i.e. one month’s worth of the magazine), with great subscription rates after that. Read all about it here.

The Pope, controversial to many Westerners (especially Americans), continues to be a fixture of the news cycle, and with the renewed persecution of Christians in the Middle East, Catholic affairs and Christianity in general are topics of enormous interest to all sorts of believers and non-believers. If you want to keep up with these areas, trust me, read The Catholic Herald.

What do you think?

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