In Which I Take Part In An Informal Manhattan Symposium

If you’re a fan of Theodore Dalrymple’s writing, as I am, you’ll likely be familiar with the website The Skeptical Doctor, which archives Dalrymple’s frequent essays, columns, and reviews.

Some months ago, the friendly man who runs the site, Clint, arranged a meet-up in New York City of Dalrymple readers — a sort of light-hearted gathering for drinks and conversation. I couldn’t make it then, but I have kindly been invited to another such gathering, scheduled for the evening of December 1 at an elegant hotel bar in Manhattan.

If you’re interested, email for details.

I am by no means a distinguished guest, but I look forward to meeting others, drinking wine, and casting a sour eye on the state of our civilization.


  1. Robert, thank you for calling it a symposium and making it sound better organized that it probably will actually be.

    And for helping to get the word out.


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