More Thoughts on the Ashley Madison Hack; or, The Unbearable Unlikelihood of Scoring

In my last post, on the Ashley Madison hack, I wrote:

It’s amazing to me that anyone could have paid to use Ashley Madison for more than a few weeks. If I had to guess, I’d say that at least 90% of the male users of the site never consummated any kind of relationship with anyone else. How could they? The ratio of male to (real) female users was probably something like 100 to 1.

I thought I might have been exaggerating when I wrote that, but as John McAfee has observed:

Annalee Newitz, in a recent Gizmodo article, did an outstanding analysis of the Ashley Madison membership profiles and concluded that fewer than 12,000 women were actually using the site. My own analysis concluded that the number was fewer than 1,400 women. Even using Annalee’s more conservative estimate, that means that there was one femail [sic] member for each 3,000 male members — a 3,000:1 ratio. Using my numbers, the ratio of men to women would be 20,000:1. It would be nearly impossible for the average male member to hook up with a woman using either ratio.

20,000:1 — So imagine a nice afternoon at a crowded sports stadium. You are one of 20,000 men in the stadium’s bleachers. There’s one cute girl in the whole place and she’s sitting in the front row. All eyes are on her. Good luck.

One comment

  1. A modest proposal: What about gender quotas for this kind of sites. Even the most vengeful and fiercely misandrist feminazi must aknowledge that there is something, let us say, unsatisfactory about the gender ratio in AM. At least we still have Adult Friend Finde, where the male-to-female proporción is 1:16: Paradise.

    (Why should a woman register in one of these sites if the only thing she has to do if she wants to be unfaithful is walking into a bar, buying a drink and waiting until some random stranger approaches her. How sad it is to be a man. And we are called “oppresors”. I am 48 and I know at my age this kind of whininess sounds pitiful and silly and ridiculous and juvenile… but still)


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