Month: August 2015

Thoughts on the Ashley Madison Hack

Maybe about four years ago, as a single guy in his mid-twenties, I was in the grip of an online-dating fever. (I’m single now as well. It has to be a conspiracy!) I had tried a few dating sites already and found them wanting. Clicking around the Internet one day in search of new ones, I saw a link to something called “Ashley Madison.”

I had never heard of it before. I opened the link to see what it was all about. The site’s motto was and remains, at least until the class-action suits drive it into dissolution, “Life is short. Have an affair.” I thought that this had to be some sort of gimmick. Maybe they were referring to their dates as “affairs” to make it all seem more sexy and secret and thrilling? I decided to look further. It became clearer to me, as I began to sign up, that they were serious about the affair angle. But you could sign on as a single person and search for other single people, so, being a solo twenty-something, I thought that while some people might ask “why,” I could only ask, “why not?”