Quackery Isn’t Just Wrong; It Can Be Deadly

In the health section of The Spectator, I write about quacks and how they manipulate people into rejecting standard medical treatments, especially when it comes to cancer:

Once someone is hooked into the ‘alternative’ mindset, he or she tends to believe increasingly bizarre theories about treating disease. If you start from the premise that the establishment is tainted, it follows that those theories most divergent from establishment opinion are the most valid.


Belle Gibson, a popular Australian blogger, claimed to have beaten terminal brain cancer with all sorts of ‘holistic’ therapies and a sugar-free diet, which she advocated to others. In late April, Gibson admitted she never had cancer.

How many people, while listening to this vile impostor, refused standard treatment in favour of ‘oxygen therapy’ and gluten-free goodies? How many then died stuffing their mouths with organic broccoli while their untreated, ulcerating tumours broke through their skin?


What do you think?

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