Terrorists And The Media Often Have The Same Target

From me in PJ Media, on terrorists’ attempted murder of Pamela Geller:

Nevertheless, Geller has an absolute right to speak, an absolute right to hold events at which people draw the alleged prophet of Islam, and an absolute right to do these things without a self-appointed death squad interrupting the proceedings. That’s it. If your first instinct after a terrorist attack is to go to work on the target, I am entitled to question your priorities. No matter how many “I believe in free speech” preambles I hear, the inevitable “but” that follows is all I’m listening to.

Some readers don’t like that I sneak in a little criticism of Geller. Too bad. As a Voltairean on free speech, I think it’s important to be forthright about disagreeing with someone while remaining utterly unmoved in defending his or her rights.

What do you think?

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