A Christmas Update

Apologies for my absence. This season has been full of unwelcome surprises, the main one being my brother’s brain cancer. It’s Christmastime, however, and I can sense that everyone’s spirit has been enhanced by the trees and lights and the feeling of miracles in progress. No, I’m not a religious person, but sometimes one hopes one is wrong about certain things.

So it’s another year in which I have utterly rejected the phrase “Happy Holidays” and openly urge everyone around me to do the same. A new practice of mine—I don’t care if it’s socially awkward—is to interject gently whenever somebody uses that vacant greeting and to clarify that I celebrate Christmas, my agnosticism notwithstanding.

By the way, since Yuletide is upon us, I am still waiting to turn on the TV and see Die Hard playing in a relentless loop. I consider this to be the finest action film of all time. It is also a fine Christmas movie. I feel potent nostalgia when I watch it.

Please check back for updates: Over the next few months I will have pieces in The Weekly Standard, The Spectator, and The Catholic Herald. The latter has recently converted from a newspaper to a beautifully designed weekly magazine. Do check it out.

Merry Christmas!

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