Would You Survive A Horror Movie?

Well, it’s almost Halloween. Would you have what it takes to survive an encounter with Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, or Freddy Krueger? Probably not, but it’s fun to think about, and everyone has thought about it. Why? Over at PJ Media, I consider such timeless and important issues as the use of sex in slasher films:

I’m sure the university libraries of the Anglosphere are full of theses on sex and horror movies, but it seems to me pretty self-evident that horror movies are one way for geeks to enjoy vicariously the suffering of the jocks. Alpha males don’t last long in the world of horror; it’s always the betas and the females who are the most likely to escape. Ridiculous though they often are, horror movies at least force us to evaluate our place in the social pecking order. Everybody has asked himself whether he’d survive a horror movie. There’s this desire within each of us to ignore the actual problems of the world and instead think about wholly unlikely and bizarre scenarios—unstoppable axe murderers, the zombie apocalypse—and whether we’d have the skills to survive them.

Read it or else.

What do you think?

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