The Bizarre Life of Chairman Mao

In a new piece for PJ Media, I comment on a 1965 interview with Mao Zedong that The New Republic has just republished as part of the magazine’s centennial celebration. Conducted by Edgar Snow, the interview touched mainly on military and strategic matters, but in my opinion one must consider Mao’s private life and habits in order to understand how he manipulated others into following him:

…one is reminded of the way serial killers draw in their prey, affecting a charming and alluring personality, which only conceals their desire to use and dominate others. They care nothing for anyone and are concerned only with their immediate needs; the sole purpose of interacting with others is to manipulate them. Even Mao’s swimming was intended to show his power and dominance, specifically his ability to conquer nature in the form of the rivers’ currents. People are drawn to these kinds of primal displays, and unfortunately this attraction is always behind history’s most brutal moments.

Read it, please.

What do you think?

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