Smoking Bans Are More Dangerous Than Smoking

My piece for PJ Media today covers the latest proposal for a ban on smoking in London’s public parks. I then address the nanny state in general, which I believe ought to be called “the molester state” (for more on this, see an old piece of mine from The Daily Telegraph). One notices the swiftness and efficiency with which the molester state erodes personal liberty, while allowing major crimes and problems within the country to continue unaddressed. I also consider that ol’ Popperian idea of unfalsifiability when it comes to removing decision-making powers from individuals. Here’s a snippet:
Those who argue for bans draw from the bottomless fount of power that comes from invoking “health,” “safety,” “animal rights,” and “the environment.” There is room in free societies for protecting and fostering each of these, but the law-abiding citizen will have noticed that these concepts are continually used to dismantle their private lives. Since every civilization relies on the use of animals and the environment for its prosperity and cultural traditions, nothing is safe if “animal rights” and “environmentalism” are enforced to their logical limits. What possibly could not be controlled or banned in their name? Since neither animals nor environments can speak for themselves, there is always an infinite number of arguments that self-appointed proxies can employ on their behalf in order to regulate or ban what the proxies don’t like.
Enjoy the rest of it here.


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