Can’t Find Good Coffee? Go to Ukraine

At PJ Media, I lament the state of the average cup of American coffee and suggest traveling to Lviv, Ukraine, to taste coffee greatness. The city’s superior product is a legacy of its being part of the Austrian Empire (later the Austro-Hungarian Empire), which brought the coffeehouse culture from Vienna to Lviv:

You can’t really walk a block or two in this city without spying a quaint shop selling its own beans and brew. To enhance the experience, it is best to tour these boutiques at night, when the streets around Rynok Square take on a distinctly old-world aura, the stone facades bathed in the warm yellow glow of the street lanterns. This is the best time to visit such places as Coffee Manufacture. After dark, the place resembles a Dickensian storefront, with burlap sacks of coffee beans piled on wooden shelves and a gleaming, old-fashioned bean roaster sitting like a golden steam engine in the front window. It is here that you get some of the very best European coffee—bold but never bitter, requiring only a bit of cream to bring out the full body.

Read the rest here.

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