Random Ruminations, Part I

In my experience, the harshest critic of a woman’s appearance is most likely to be another woman. Men are much less fussy and superficial than they are assumed to be.

Most political debate is an elaborate status game, the goal being to make yourself appear Supremely Good and your opponent Supremely Bad.

As everyday life becomes more celebrity-like—constant immersion in social media being the most obvious similarity, with all the attendant status anxiety that accompanies it—people will begin to act more and more like actual celebrities. This includes increased substance abuse, superficiality, sexual insanity, and mental-health problems.

Outrage is a fashion statement.

I cannot fathom not being a patriot. It seems to me that loving one’s country is as natural and unavoidable as loving one’s family. Your country is where you grew up, where your thoughts were shaped, where all your memories were forged, where your forefathers lived and died. Those who spurn patriotism, or think it nothing more than blind and senseless prejudice, would never demand we denounce love of family. Or would they?

If you make up your mind before you know the facts, you can’t possibly be interested in “justice.” You are interested in revenge, and you ought to be honest enough to say so.

An elite is somebody who faces no consequences for speaking his mind.

Know yourself, control yourself: that’s the best advice I can give right now.


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