Day: August 13, 2014

A Disenchanting Experience

It’s been a depressing week. My experience in trying to “crowdraise” a bit of money for my friends in eastern Ukraine, who face the prospect of an invasion by Russia, has been a disenchanting one. Though I always knew my requests would fall largely on apathetic ears, I was not prepared for the feelings of helplessness and despondency that came over me when I realized no one was interested. Worse, the apathy of strangers, in our Internet-saturated age, is so often surpassed by their hostility: I have already described how my request for donations provoked the angerĀ of the Twitterati, that perpetually enraged gang of paranoiacs and polecats. I don’t blame strangers for not wanting to give money to another stranger, but I do blame those whose primary mode of communication is fear and loathing. Our civilization cannot go on like that. Modesty is a good policy.

Oh well. I shall find another way to help my friends. Meanwhile, I am, at least for now, keeping my fundraising effort and the link to my humble Crowdrise page active. Find details here.