Learn French With Random Sentences, Part I

Reading, analyzing, and memorizing random sentences is, at least in my humble opinion, one of the best ways to learn a language. And since news publications contain the most frequently used words and expressions, it is usually a good idea to take one’s random sentences from there.

1. From Le Monde, 12 June 2014:

Alors que les combattants de l’EIIL progressent vers le sud, la télévision publique annonce que l’aviation irakienne a bombardé un de leurs convois aux abords de Mossoul.

Translation: “While ISIS fighters progress towards the south, state television announced that the Iraqi Air Force has bombed one of their convoys around Mosul.”

2. From Le Figaro, 12 June 2014:

Le maire de Bordeaux, qui estime que «l’UMP est en danger financier et politique», s’est déjà entretenu par téléphone avec l’ancien président.

Translation: “The mayor of Bordeaux, who believes that ‘the UMP is a financial and political hazard,’ has already spoken by phone with the former president.”

It’s smart to start out with sentences whose grammatical structure mirrors that of your native language; as you learn more vocabulary, you can progress to more complex sentences. Your knowledge of the language will become more intuitive—which is better than trying to memorize abstract rules.


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