Random Foreign Language Vocabulary and Mnemonics, Part I

The French word for “funny” is “drôle,” pronounced like “droll” with a guttural French “r” and a very slight schwa at the end. The word looks like “drool,” so just remember the image of someone laughing so uncontrollably he is drooling all over himself.

The German word for “angry” is “wütend,” pronounced “VUH-tend.” The vowel sound of the first syllable, shortened by the German umlaut, sounds almost like you’re saying an exaggerated “eww” to something gross. It’s hard to come up with a mnemonic for this. I’d say that the word sounds almost like you’re starting to say “what in the hell!” in English in a very angry, clenched-teeth kind of way.

The Russian word for “honest” is “честный,” transliterated into English as “chestny” and pronounced as it looks. Think “chest.” If you’re honest, you speak from the heart. Your heart is in your chest.

The Turkish word for “political” is “siyasi,” pronounced “see-AH-see,” but quickly and smoothly. Since political things are usually corrupt things, think: “See? I see corruption.”

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