Month: May 2014

Random Foreign Language Vocabulary and Mnemonics, Part I

The French word for “funny” is “drôle,” pronounced like “droll” with a guttural French “r” and a very slight schwa at the end. The word looks like “drool,” so just remember the image of someone laughing so uncontrollably he is drooling all over himself.


Memorial Day isn’t Barbecue Day

I suspect that if you talk to younger Americans (those in, say, high school or college) about Memorial Day, precious few of them would know what the day signified. Most of them can’t be blamed for their ignorance; they are simply victims of a broken education system and the potent masochism of teachers and professors. Even among those who do know, the day is merely an excuse to have time off from work or school and have barbecues and drinks.  (more…)


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